Our Story

Hi,  I am Lily Hue Duong. 

In 2005, I was a staying home mom with 2 little girls, 4 and 2 years old.  We lived in a tiny apartment building because we could afford that only.  It was not comfortable at all.  Later on we borrowed money and bought the house.  Living in the house means living under pressure all the time for me.  
No income for me.  My daughters didn’t cry but they were lazy eaters.  It took them hours to finish their meals. Sitting there with them and under pressure,  I was going crazy. 
I got mad with them easily.  I yelled and  screamed at them.  Every night I lied down and felt so bad for what I did.  It happened the following days again.  I yelled at them “I have to go back to work. I can’t stand staying home with you guys anymore”. 
I went to school.  I went to work.  Then I had to stay home.  I was not used to that.   Staying home made me look miserable and feel miserable.   I didn’t care how I looked.  Messy hair, messy clothes all the time. 
I understood all women go through that.  I love my daughters but I didn’t want to scream at them anymore. 
 I didn’t want to depend on my husband.  I wanted to work.  I wanted to feel confident everywhere I appeared, even in my own home. 
I kept telling myself I had to go back to work.  
I kept thinking about that.   It was always in my heart and in my mind. 
One day my husband brought me to his friend's grand opening nail salon.  Over there I saw women happy to have their hands and feet done.   I got a manicure done with a natural pink color.  
I felt so happy that I asked the tech to put color for daughters too.  We had a good time together then. 
I realized that a moment of relaxation and being pampered make women feel so special.  Women should care and love themselves.  
They need to feel their cup.  They can’t give anything to anyone that they don’t have. 
Since then I kept thinking about being a nail tech so I could work.  Then I could make women feel the moment I felt. 
It is said that whatever you focus on, it  will expand. 
I kept thinking about owning a salon and the chance came. I bought my salon and took a lot of women with me on my journey.

Andy, my husband  has been working  with me and some of my other employees here as a team now.   I love members of my team and I am grateful to them.   We work very happily and flexibly 

Our team works with a mission to help  women understand that self-care, self-love  and self-compassion are not luxuries, but they are necessities. 
We believe that the Simplicity, Quality and Knowledges can help women to live a happy life.
Meet Our Staff
Andy Tran 
Everyone calls him Jimmy but he never bothers.   You can talk to him all day long about all the fields: politic, economy, sport, education...even cooking but not, OK.   Lot of people come and ask for him not for the nails but talk to him and laugh with him.

Lily Duong

If you like to talk about beauty, health and wellness, weight loss,  talk to her.  She would love to learn from you and share with you a lot of tips and tricks.  

You may wonder why she isn't on high-heels even though she is short.   She has kind of bunion.  That's why she focus on making amazing pedicure services for peoples to enjoy.  She always says that "short and sweet". 


Anna Tran

Do you love her hair style?  She got complements for that from the customers all the time.   She keeps herself fit very well.  You can talk to her all day long about her baby dog - Leo. 

Placeholder Img

Jessie Truong

She is always gentle and soft.  You may think that she is a high-school girl but she is a mother of two kids.  You can talk to her a day long about taking care of the children.