When you’re strapped your time  but your feet are in a sandal ready-state, opt for a quick escape pedicure. Featuring a cuticle trim, shape, Enummi Spa exfoliating scrub and massage with it intensive lotion for a quick freshen up feeling. Polish. Then you will flip-flop from fabulous in no time if it. 



This treatment offers a luxurious apricot seeds body scrub mixture with exotic tropical fruit ingredients that will exfoliate  and enrich your skin.  Then a lower leg massage with a detoxifier and simulating Enummi cooling gel will give you a calming enlivening massage experience to relieve leg achiness and soreness after a long day at work.  Plus extra massage your legs and feet, toes with essential oil to totally take away the tiredness, achiness, soreness... whatever you name them.

Extra attention to dry and crack heels  with the natural healing properties of jojoba easter foot treatment.

Finishing  of white tea extra intensive body lotion that will wonderfully envelope all  ingredients leaving your skin feeling fresh. 

Regular polish or gel polish (Shellac) of your choice.



And ultimate nature treatment including which nature oil and aloe blend in apricots body scrub to gently exfoliate and reveal a smooth glowing skin.  Followed  by a deep soothing sensation leg massage with cooling gel that will take away the stress and tiredness. 

Enjoy a layer of featured treatment with mineral marine mud marines rich  in protein and nutrients that will delicately adhere to the skin surface and pull impunity from the pores toning and tightening your skin elasticity.

Designed to contrast between cooling massage, the aquatic marine mud and  a hot towel wrap, this treatment will give you a sensation and peaceful feeling. 

Plus extra massage your legs and feet, toes with essential oil to totally take away the tiredness, achiness, soreness... whatever you name them.

Extra attention to the heels with the formula featuring a powerful combination of tonic essential oils and rich emollient to your heels a silky smooth feeling.  Then we top it off with concentrated vitamin A,E,E Cocoa1. seed butter and an amazing collection of natural oils to supply oxygen to skin hydrating and noticing skin texture at the same time. 

Regular polish or gel polish (Shellac) of your choice.



 Let's Detoxify and Reenergize your body and spirit with a Brisa Detox Pedicure.  Start with soaking your feet in a warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea.  This unique mixture of Senna leaf, buckthorn, green tea and bitter orange will support the detox process.

Followed by cuticle trimming, toe nails shaping and heels smoothing.  Then a gentle massage using Enummi Body Scrub to remove dead and dry skin.  Continue the Detoxifying process with a mixture of 4Life herbal tea and Mud Mask containing Kaolin ultra-fine natural mineral clay, Spirulina maxima extract, more than 50 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  It's high in antioxidants to extract impurities through pores while your legs are wrapped in hot towels leaving your skin conditioned and toned. 

Enjoy a nice legs massage with Brisa Essential oil that brings strong aromatic notes of eucalyptus and fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the body. 

Finish with a smoothing Foot Treatment and polish of your choice.  What a great way to detox and elevate your sense and spirit getting you ready for any season. 



This option is perfect if you absolutely love the feeling of natural nails, and you just need a little strength enhancement with lasting polish, we do have a wide selection of colors.  Instantly dry, 14 days shine guaranteed.  



Cuticle trimming, nail shape, hand massage and finish with regular nail polish.