Long, curvy lashes can make your eyes look wider, alert and more youthful in appearance. It may be no surprise, then, that women want to accentuate their lashes.

You might have tried lash extensions.  It is popular now. 

You can see women with lash extensions everywhere right?

I tried it too.  It was good for me at the beginning but I found that I lost some of it every morning.  Not long after I lost some here and there.  I looked funny.  My husband and my kids made fun of me.  I decided to remove it.  Then my lashes became thinner.  


It took time for my lashes to grow back.  


Then I curled it and put on mascara.  I always wonder why my mascara got smudgesd on the skin under my eyes all the time.  I stopped.  


When I see people with long, natural eyelashes, I wish I could have it.  Ironically, my husband has long and thick eyelashes, top and bottom ones.   All of my kids luckily got it from him.  


When I saw Anna, who works for me at my salon has long lashes.  She mentioned the serum she used.  I didn't believe it until I saw it worked on Jessie, my employees.  I got to give it a try.  Why not?


I have to admit that it worked for me very well.  My lashes grew very long.  

Then Anna did a lfit for me.  Yeah, it is called LASH LIFT.   She tinted it for me.   


I really fell in love with it after 2 weeks.

I keep putting the serum on my lashes every night. 


put on mascara too but it doesn't  leave black under my eyes anymore because my lashes go up now (it is lifted). 

I remove the mascara very gently not only to protect the lashes but also my skin.  Do you know that the skin on the eye area is the thinnest on a human being?

I love LASH LIFT better than LASH EXTENSIONS.  

LASH LIFT  is easier to get done with.

LASH LIFT doesn't damage your real lashes.

LASH LIFT is easy to take care of.

LASH LIFT costs less. 

LASH LIFT lasts long.

LASH LIFT looks natural for a daily look. 

I get asked about my lashes a lot by my clients.  They realize I look different than I did before.  Of course, more beautiful than myself before, LOL.  New look of me. 

When you come to my salon, just come and take a close look at me and tell me the truth if I look more beautiful.  I will be ok if you say Oh, No.  Don’t worry. 

Then if you want to give LASH LIFT  a try, just let me know.